Mach 1 Inc. is a thriving Real Estate Analysis, Project Development and Municipal Coordination firm that has been providing Project Development related services to its clients for the past 7 years. Established by Andrew Venamore in 2008 the company serves high-to-medium volume construction companies with a municipal background that proves invaluable in the process of project plan development and permit procurement.

Mach 1 Inc. is a robust municipal services firm dedicated to improving its client’s project development process, and facilitating more expedient construction starts. Through a well-tested Project Development Process, Mach 1 streamlines the process of plan development and permit procurement for residential and commercial construction companies of all sizes. With extensive knowledge of Chicagoland area municipalities, the company navigates numerous permit and plan development challenges with ease.

Combining the expert knowledge of a local surveyor, civil engineer and structural engineer, along with a number of Chicagoland architects, the Company’s process moves a project from sale through to construction with limited involvement from the client. Mach 1 Inc. will also undertakes Zoning Board of Appeals, Historic Commission and Appearance Committee applications and hearing presentations. The company President has an exemplary record throughout Chicagoland for these meetings.

With experience on “both sides of the counter” – Andrew was previously a Zoning Planner at the Village of Winnetka – the company’s “Project Development” process is based in the knowledge of what it takes to move a project through the municipal realm. And while speed of review is certainly the key, it is often overlooked by builders, architects and those dealing with that municipal process, that a complete initial submission is really the way to move a project through the Village or City’s departmental review steps.

Following his time in Winnetka, Andrew served as the Director of Operations and Director of Permit and Zoning for the Nation’s largest single family residential remodeling company: Airoom, LLC., located in Lincolnwood. There, he managed the continual operational flow of 150 residential projects from sale through to construction. Equally as important, Andrew was responsible for procuring over 2,352 permits throughout Chicagoland (valued at over $370MM) in 166 different municipalities during his tenure. As part of that process, there were over 540 projects valued at almost $82MM in the City of Chicago.

More recently, his company has also been moving smaller, high volume projects using the Project Development process and in the past 4 years has moved over 1,400 permits in 110 municipalities including Indiana and Wisconsin for large scale detached garage builders.